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Upgrade Dependencies of Your NodeJS Application
Adam C. |
Make dependencies of your NodeJS app is painful and challenging. In this article, we would go over several possible ways including Github dependabot, third-party framework, and NCU, and best practices hopefully.
Fix Serverless Build Errors on AWS Lambda
Adam C. |
We have a serverless application running on AWS Lambda. Recently, we saw some warnings/errors in the AWS CodeBuild log as below, although the application is successfully built: provider.apiGateway.shouldStartNameWithService and gypErr. In the article, we will explain the issues and solutions.
Fix Node.js Port In Use Error
Adam C. |
Sometimes the Node.js application does not close itself when you close the IDE, then when you try to start the application later, it will not start because the port is in use. It's easy to fix, but you need to remember the command to find the process and then kill it. Why not add the "kill-port" to the script in the package.json?