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Troubleshooting on MySQL RDS Aborted Connection Error with AWS Lambda
Adam C. |
Starting for AWS Cloudwatch logs, we spent a week looking into 'Aborted Connection" errors on RDS. Finally, we figured out that although Lambda functions do not share a connection pool, the queries in the same function do share a connection pool, so we should keep on using the pool, but we should set the pool with min 0, so it could be destroyed without taking space. And the ultimate solution is to use Amazon RDS.
Upgrading MySQL2 and Resolving Certificate Issues with Knex Migrations
Adam C. |
In recent times, many developers have encountered challenges when using the mysql2 package alongside Knex migrations, especially when dealing with changes in certificate authorities (CAs) for AWS RDS databases. This blog post aims to shed light on how upgrading mysql2 and making adjustments in the setup can resolve such issues effectively.