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Data Fetching In React App with NextJS
Adam C. |
In this article, we introduce different ways to do the Data Fetching in a React App, especially with NextJS. You will learn something like, Static generation, Server-side rendering, and Client-side rendering.
Set Environment Variables in Next.JS
Adam C. |
Before nextJS 9.4, we could use next.config.js to set up environment variables, i.e., process.env.* which we can use in our application. In nextJS version 9.4 and up, we could use .env* files. At first glance, they make this complicated, but they have been given a purpose. In the article, we will go over this, and see how we benefit from this new feature.
Save JWT To HttpOnly Cookie Instead of LocalStorage
Adam C. |
NextFeathers uses JSON web token (JWT) for authentication when calling the Restful API implemented by FeathersJS. The JWT token was simply saved in the browser's localStorage and removed when the user is logged out. Many people said this is very bad because the hacker could run Javascript via what so-called XSS on your website, and read the data from localStorage. Personally, I kinda against this because it's unlikely happened, and as I know that is how AWS-amplify works by default. But there is indeed a risk, so I would like to fix it.