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Convert CSV File to Restful API Using FeathersJS
Adam C. |
In this article, we will learn how to easily convert CSV files into a Restful API using FeathersJS Command Line and MongoDB. We will also learn how to cast data type using FeatherJS hook.
How to Import JSON into MongoDB using NoSQLBooster
Adam C. |
NoSQLBooster is probably the best free MongoDB GUI tool. We have been used to import CSV data into a MongoDB collection for a while, which works very well. But we got the error when importing JSON data. That might sound very weird, doesn't it? It ends up because we did not provide the "correct" JSON format. Let's see what JSON format to make NoSQLBooster happy.
How to Migrate MongoDB to a New Server
Adam C. |
Recently I migrated MongoDB (over 2GB) from a cheap server hosted on Hudson Valley Host to a better server hosted on Digital Ocean to improve the performance. In this article, I would like to write down some notes for this process.