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Migrating to Apollo Client 3.0
Adam C. |
Apollo Client 3.0 includes some breaking changes, but since the Apollo Boost project is now retired, and React-Apollo has been deprecated, it's time to migrate. But Apollo Client 3.0 is mainly focusing on Hooks when being used in the React project. If your React project is not Hook ready yet, you may be wondering it's possible to use Apollo Client 3 with React Class Components or not. In short, the answer is YES.
Finally We Fixed "Failed to Fetch" Error
Adam C. |
In this article, we learned how to fix the 'failed to fetch' error from API-Gateway in our AWS Lambda Serverless Framework. The root cause is ended up to be the expired AWS Cognito Access/ID tokens. We were able to fix this by utilizing the Apollo Error Link to replace the old token with the refreshed one, and then retry the request.